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Festival & Cultural Trekking

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“Travel like a local to experience the real cultural practices in Nepal.”

Nepal is a unique country in terms of its unique geographical  location, cultural practices, ethnicity of people and the practices they follow to live their lifestyle. Various  ethnic groups of people live together in harmony and peace in Nepal. Every ethnic group is unique for their own cultural practices, festivals, ritual celebration and different spoken languages.  More than a hundred dialects are spoken all over Nepal. This distinctive diversity in a small country makes Nepal as a popular destination for cultural travelers. Major ethnic groups in Nepal are Sherpa, Chepang, Gurung, Jirel, Limbu, Magar, Newar, Rai-Kirat, Tamang, Danuwar, Darai, Kumal, Majhi, Raji, Dhimal, Rajbansi, Tharu. They live in different parts of  Nepal from the Himalayas to Terai region. The certain time of the year is the best time to see the outstanding cultural performance of these people which are presented in local festivals. Most of the festivals in Nepal are based on Hindu and Buddhist religion as well as cultural practices of various ethnic groups. More than 50 different festivals are celebrated in Nepal every year. These are national, cultural, historical and religious festivals of Nepal.  Some of the popular Hindu festivals are Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Janai Purnima, Holy, Ramnawami, Krisnastami and many more. Likewise popular Buddhist and cultural festivals are Loshar, Buddha Jyanti, Mani Rimdu, Tiji, Dumji Festivals, Bisket Jatra Festival, Gai Jatra, Indra Jatra,  Bala Chaturdasi,  Maghe Sankranti,  Basant or Sripanchami Shivaratri,  Indra Jatra and many others. Some other festivals like Loshar, Chhath, Buddha Jayanti, Gai Jatra, Ghode Jatra, Indra Jatra, Bisket Jatra and other local festivals  are the best way to reflect the cultural belief of people through the demonstration of different mythical stories of  killing the demon by divine power.  These festivals are the symbols of harmony and peace among the various ethnic groups in Nepal. People equally take part in other communities’s festivals to celebrate and help others. Be prepared and let us know to explore these amazing culture festivals with team of local experts.  Massif Holidays has designed Nepal Festival trekking packages for those travelers who love to explore the cultural beauty of the country.

Different tours, trekking and other activities during the period of festivals are worth exploring in Nepal. You can seek the opportunity to know the unique part of the Nepali culture if you plan your vacation during the festivals in Nepal.  Some of the popular mountain festivals in Nepal are Mani Rimdu Fesival in Khumbu region, Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang, Dumji Festival in Khumbu region, Horse Racing festivals in Manang, Yartung Festival in Manang  and  Rakshyabandan Festival in Langtang region. Besides that, many popular local festivals are celebrated in different places in the Himalayas of Nepal. Festival and cultural trekking in Nepal  not only offer to observe the great festive celebration but also the breathtaking mountain view from  the world renowned  trekking trails.  Trekking during the festivals in the Himalayas of Nepal is more fun, exciting and worth –exploring. Festival trekking in Nepal is not easy and comfortable as most of the local staff is back to home and government offices are closed. But Massif Holidays assure our services even during the festivals and holidays. We are open for all day throughout the year  for special care and extra services to our valued clients. Massif Holidays operates some popular festival tour and trekking packages like Mani Rimdu Festival Trekking, Tiji Festival Trekking-18 days, Janai Purnima or Rakshya Bandan Trekking, Horse Racing Festival Trekking, Dashain Festival Tour to address your interest to explore the Nepali festivals. Feel free to contact us for different festival and  cultural trekking in Nepal and many other customized itineraries to address your requirement to visit Nepal during the festivals for your unique holiday experience with  amazing local people.  Also,  let us know  if you are interested for other festival trekking except these tailor made trips which are not published in our website. We also offer the itineraries for your customized trips to address your requirements, budget and time schedule.  

Festival & Cultural Trekking Packages

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