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Aware of Illegal Operation

Aware of Illegal Operation !!!

Respected Travelers!!!

An excellent holiday experience starts with perfect planning. Selecting the right and legal travel company is a part of your perfect planning. Try to seek the answers of those questions that help to find the right and legal travel operator in Nepal. The following are those questions:-

1. Is your travel operator legally registered?
2. Do they pay tax to the government?
3. Are they socially and environmentally responsible?
4. Do they have authorized government license to operate your trips?
5. Are they financially secured?
6. Is there any ways to complain against their misbehavior?
7.  Are the working staffs insured on that company?
8. Do they help to promote local people and local economy?
9. Are the working staffs experienced?

YES! YES! YES!  MASSIF HOLIDAYS says yes to all these questions so we are legally registered travel company to provide secure travel service in legal way by paying the indicated tax to Nepal government with promoting local people and economy by preserving nature and environment with the help of insured and experienced staffs. So be aware of any illegal travel operator that may ruin your vacations and book your trip with an authorized agency in Nepal or aboard for hassle free and memorable travel experience.
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