Wildlife Tour in Nepal

Nepal wildlife tours are an excellent way to get closer with the treasurer natural features for witnessing the rare species of flora and fauna. Prepare for the interesting and way amazing tours between the wild habitat of Nepal. There are numbers of protected areas in Nepal which has successfully preserved the endangered species of flora and fauna. With the rich cultural and traditional aspects of Nepal, the exotic and beguiling nature of Nepal bestows with the opulent features. 

Why Nepal Wildlife Tours?

Nepal is the popular destination for observing the wildlife along with the mesmerizing view of the pristine nature. The nation has dominantly managed to preserve the endangered species of flora and fauna than any other nation in Asia. There are numbers of protected areas in Nepal, including ten national parks, three wildlife reserves, six conservation areas, eleven buffer zone, and one hunting reserve. Around 23.23% of the total area of the country is covered with the protected land's habitat by the incredible flora and amazing fauna. The time spending around protected lands of Nepal bestows joyful and unforgettable moments of a lifetime. 

Waiting to watch the life or day activities of wild animals? Wondering how it feels to witness wildlife? Then, let the feet touch the land of incredible Nepal. The astounding route following the dense forest of Nepal protected areas let to witness the cuteness and thrilling scene regarding the life of wild animals. 

In Nepal, there are various adventurous activities among them jungle safari leads a mild perfection for getting the perfect wildlife view. This may be bestowed with the rare view of the animals feeding their babies, chasing for their prey, drinking water from the bank of river freely, grazing peacefully and a group of animals running from here to there with the real-time view makes a fabulous time in Nepal.

Rare species of animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, One-Horned Rhinoceros and other numbers of animals can make the trip far beyond the expectation. The chirping of the different birds migrating from one place to another place comes with a more interesting feature. 

Best Seasons for Wildlife Tours in Nepal

Nepal had got a favorable climate, and its cultural importance is scattered in different geographical regions equally, from lowland Terai to the high Himalayas. So, March-May (Spring), June – August (Summer), September – November (Autumn) and December – February (Winter) are presenting with different natural and climatic features which as per one’s interest can participate in favorable wildlife or jungle tour packages of Nepal.

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