Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

Wondering about the pilgrimage tour around the world for the best destination? Then, the country holding the enormous historical and ancient features or importance welcomes the pilgrimage or religious travelers in Nepal. Nepal, being a landlocked country, holds the incredible history about the god and goddess, the birth place of deity, the ancient culture and tradition, the marvelous monuments, the attractive pilgrimage sites, the mesmerizing nature, the world’s highest peak and so on. The words get less to describe the features of Nepal. There are lots of world re-known pilgrimage sites in Nepal which are located from the lowland – Terai to the high Himalayan region. 

Why Nepal Pilgrimage Tour? 

Nepal is the famous Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The numbers of people entered Nepal every year to witness the fabulous architecture, to get known about the culture and tradition and to get linked up with the beauty of nature. As Sir Krick Patrick stated that, ”Nepal have got more temples than houses, more god and goddess than people and more festivals than days in the year”. This statement expresses the real treasure of Nepal. The myth that Nepal holds is interesting to know and witness. 

The country is a holy pilgrimage hub that exists with the different famous Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Many devotees come to Nepal in order to get participated in the trip to step in the historically and culturally opulent places. 

The birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, Ved Vyas (author of the Mahabharat), Luv and Kush (sons of Ram and Sita), residence of Janaki (Sita), and many more other religious facts are sacked within this small beautiful country – Nepal. The incredible sites like Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swyambhunath, Muktinath, Manakamana, Janakpurdham, and other several pilgrimage sites exist in Nepal. 

Travelling to the world most naturally and culturally opulent country – Nepal bestow up to the various temples, shrines, historical and religious sites along with the astounding natural beauty with towering mountains and other wonders of nature. This will let ones explore more and broaden widely. 

There are favorable climate in Nepal, and its cultural importance is scattered in different geographical regions equally. So, March-May (Spring), June – August (Summer), September – November (Autumn) and December – February (Winter) are presented with different natural and climatic features which as per one’s interest can participate in favorable Pilgrimage tour packages of Nepal.

The pilgrimage tours in Nepal can be done individually or traveling with the group/ family members. This will be the lifetime opportunity to spend the leisure time for religious tour in Nepal.

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