Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding is one of the adventurous activities that that is being popular in Nepal among local and international visitors. This is the newly introduce a sport that provides with the breathtaking aerial views of great massifs, hills, and other natural treasures. 

Why Paragliding in Nepal?

As Nepal is the country rich in biodiversity, magnificent Himalayas and other natural contents so the land of Himalayas present with one of the perfect adventurous sport from which one can discover the joy of flying alone accompanied with charming nature all the way down. Paragliding in Nepal is one of the safest, easy and less expensive adventurous game from which one can experience the beautiful moments followed with various natural gems. Nepal has been the adored destination for Paragliding. 

Paragliding spots in Nepal

There are various places in Nepal that serve with the facilities for this amazing and thrilling sport. Pokhara (Sarangkot), Kot Danda, Fulchwoki, Godavari, Chapakharka, are the beautiful enchanting places which are rated and newly opened paragliding spots in Nepal. One can experience the glorious moments over the pristine beauty of nature, snow-capped mountains and mesmerizing lakes like nowhere in the world.

Best Season for Paragliding in Nepal

As paragliding is a sport done with flying alone in the sky so for this the weather condition and season plays a prime role. A thermal need to be active and no raining for taking the feet away from the ground. 
February, March, September, October, and November are regarded as the best time or peak months to do this adventurous sport which takes up to 3000m. The other months are not so appropriate as the weather condition for paragliding will get unfavorable because of raining, low thermal and lighting. 

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