Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu Trekking is one of the restricted regions of Nepal that is located with the unique landscape and biodiversity. The trekking within such astonishing and remarkable land bestow with the excellent features of nature.

Manaslu Region lies to the east of the Annapurna Region and bordered by the two well-known rivers of the Nepal, Budhi Gandaki River from the east and Marshyandhi River from the west. These sort of exclusive features of this trekking region makes Manaslu Region a different and interesting region from the rest of the region.

Why Manaslu Trekking?

Manaslu Region is the region that still remains untouched by the visitors. This trekking region is truly a virgin place that holds with lots of natural treasures. Trekking to all the way to the Base of Mt. Manaslu is really interesting trekking trail in Nepal. Manaslu Region is an unspoiled place and all more unique compared to other regions. Trekking in Manaslu region will provide with way distinct feelings and experience step to step throughout the trek.

Officially, Manaslu region was opened for trekking in 1992. The panoramic views of mountains with a tranquil environment and other natural gems which are breathtaking can be observed during Manaslu Trekking. Along with this, a different kind of vegetation does exist in this region with the rare species of birds and animals. Pine and Rhododendron forest can be found and passes mostly during the trek. 

The trekking route of Manaslu Region passes through the different stunning villages where one can observe the traditional lifestyle of local people and their culture and tradition. The mesmerizing views of the great Himalayas and walking through the unique landscape of the Manaslu Region will be totally amazing and new.

The weather condition plays a prime role for Manaslu Region or Manaslu Trekking the perfect time are September to November (Autumn) and March to May (Spring) and also can be enrolled during January, February, and December but some weather uncertainty may arise.

Permits: As Manaslu Region is the restricted region and one of the protected region of Nepal so trekking within this region requires a special permit which the team of Massif Holidays help to fulfill such formalities.

Massif Holidays suggest for those physically fitted travelers and adventurous lover to get participate in this untouched region. The amazing and thrilling landscape really makes the trekking within Manaslu Region fantastic and unforgettable. With well-supported accommodation facilities (Resorts hotels, camping, guesthouses, and tea houses) and healthier or organic foods trekking within the Manaslu Region will be a good destination to witness the real beauty of the Himalayas.

The trekking within Manaslu Region can be done individually and within a group but as it is restricted region one can’t trek without the proper guides (can’t be done by yourself).

Massif Holidays is always present to help and support for making the trek within Manaslu Region incredible and interesting. There are different trails and trekking packages that Manaslu Region holds, so as per interest and timeframe, one can choose the better package and also can customize the trek. The expert team of Massif Holidays is present to handle any problems and provide the necessary information regarding Manaslu Trekking.