Jungle Safari in Nepal

The country rich in biodiversity, from lowland to Himalayan Region, offers with finest areas with the wide range of endangered species of flora and fauna so this spectacular land welcomes for Jungle Safari. There are various protected lands, national parks, wildlife reserves, and hunting reserves that have been established in Nepal which holds the incredible contents that will be worth exploring and can get a heavenly experience. According to the survey, among different vegetation and regions in Nepal, the tropical jungles of the Terai region have become the best. 

Why Jungle Safari in Nepal?

The lush green vegetation; a tropical jungle of Terai protects the best wildlife residence that can be rarely found in whole Asia. To witness such opulent features or contents, Nepal is the best place to explore for those who wish to experience the natural environment. 

Nepal Jungle Safari

The jungle safari in Nepal is really an adventurous activity that let one observe the uncovered features of rich and rare flora and fauna. The jungle safari within Nepal includes canoeing, nature walks, bird watching, excursions, and visit to an ethnic Tharu village in the Jungle Safari Park.  There are numbers of areas in Nepal that facilitates its visitors to have the close observation of natural environment. There are 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in  Nepal. Chitwan National Park (932 Sq. km.), Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (175 sq. km.) and Royal Bardiya National Park (968 sq. km.) are most famous and popular for the activity of Jungle Safari.
The Jungle Safari in Nepal can be done throughout the year as there isn’t such particular best time or season. Nepal Jungle Safari invites and welcomes the nature lovers; in group, family, individual and students. 

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