Shamanism Tour in Nepal

Shamanism Tours in Nepal are the interesting tour that takes to the Himalayan range of Nepal, where the nomadic or ancient way of healing method – Shamanism are still in practiced. From the ancient time, the traditional way of healing the injured has been in practice with the belief in the supernatural power. Due to the opportunities of trekking in the Himalayan region the world comes to know about the mountain Shamanism practice. Shamanism is the cultural and traditional method to cure the people suffering from the diseases. As Shamanism was in practiced because there was no any facilities of medicine and proper hospital service. Nowadays also Shamanism get its line clear in most of the region of Nepal.

Why Shamanism Tours in Nepal?

There are various ethnic groups in Nepal following the different culture and tradition from one another that used to practice vividly. Nepal Shamanism is well known all around the world. The mountain shamanism has got more interesting facts and features. Travelling to Nepal and participating in Shamanism Tours provides with lots of culture and traditional importances and also the supernatural beliefs. Nepal is the country that co-exists both Hinduism and Buddhism shamanism which is famous around the globe. Shamanism is equally exercised in Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim and Christianity.

The exotic nature and the cultural norms, values and traditional practices make Nepal a better destination to step in. Along with Shamanism, one can also witness the mesmerizing beauty of the nature followed by with the natural wonders. 

Shamanism is the practice done by the people known as Shaman who perform the traditional healing by talking with the spirits and knowing the fact of the cause of disease. The shaman is basically known as Dhami and Jhakri though the different caste uses different dialect. Shaman works as a mediator between the spirit and the human worlds and determine the causes. To be more informative about the supernatural beliefs and to witness the traditional practices than Nepal is the best destination. 

Shamanism Tours in Nepal throughout the year

Nepal had got a favorable climate, and its cultural importance is scattered in different geographical regions equally, from lowland Terai to the high Himalayas. So, March-May (Spring), June – August (Summer), September – November (Autumn) and December – February (Winter) are presented with different natural and climatic features which as per one’s interest can participate in a favorable Shamanism tour package of Nepal.

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