The best season to travel Nepal varies on the basis of the holiday activities you want to do in Nepal. Most of the holiday activities in Nepal can be done throughout the year except some high passes trekking and expeditions. The climate in Nepal varies from places to places which be categorized in different four main seasons. The main seasons in Nepal are Spring (March to May), Summer (between June to August), Autumn (between September to November) & Winter (between December to February).

The best season to travel Nepal is Autumn (September, October & November) & Spring (March, April & May). These are the perfect time of the year for the breath taking views of King-Kong Himalayas, trekking around the world’s most dramatic landscape, a tour of different historical and cultural cities, bungee jumping into a bottomless Himalayan George, rafting down a roaring Nepali rivers, cycling, mountain biking, paragliding and many other activities. Some activities like tours, jungle safari, low altitude trekking, short hiking are recommended even in winter season. Nepal and Tibet has some rain shadow area where the monsoon is lighter. These areas are visit worthy during the Summer season (June, July & August).