Mustang Trekking

The wonderful region between the Himalayas of Nepal – Mustang region, also regarded as the heaven by most of the outsiders is gaining its popularity among the local tourist and foreigners due to its unique landscapes. The landscape of Mustang region has got such astonishing features that are being successful to lure the number of outsiders. This region is located in the northern -central part of Nepal bordering with Tibet- autonomous region of China. Mustang region leads all the way through the thrilling and interesting roads/trails to the beautiful places.

Why Mustang Trekking?

Trekking in Mustang Region has become increasingly popular as this interesting land is featured with deep canyons, deep river gorges, red – rock cliffs, sacred caves, and many other opulent natural treasures. The other attractions of this amazing place are the culture and tradition of local people which is mostly influenced by Tibetian culture, traditional lifestyle of the different ethnic group, beautifully settled villages, rugged rock houses, and the festivals of this region is also famous.

Mustang region is divided into Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang. Lower Mustang mainly includes the area of  Ghasa, Tukche, Marpha, Jomsom, Kagbeni, and Muktinath whereas Upper Mustang comprises the area of  Chhusang, Tsaile, Samar, Syngbochen, Ghiling, Tsarang, Lo-Mangthang, Chhoser, Yara, Dhe, Dhakmar, and Ghar Gompa. These both places have their own unique features along with this the trekking packages offers with the best sightseeing in these two places which is remarkable and worth to visit once in a lifetime.  Basically, Lower Mustang is the home to Thakali people, whose attire, dialect, lifestyle, culture, and tradition are totally different from Tibetan people of Upper Mustang. Mostly the area of Lower Mustang is influenced by Annapurna circuit trekking which is the popular way to explore Mustang region by most of the outsiders.

Upper Mustang is regarded as the hidden valley which is located beyond Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. This is the part of Mustang Region where the last surviving Tibetian culture and tradition exist which is the only place for trekkers to observe the unique lifestyle of Tibetian people perfectly. Lo Manthang – the walled city, is the main attraction point of Upper Mustang. Trek to Upper Mustang is mostly preferred by the number of foreigners. Mustang was legally opened for trekking in March 1992 which required special trekking permit. Before 1992, there is a restriction for outsiders to get entered in Mustang. Nowadays, the Mustang region is getting its popularity and being one of the adored trekking regions for the number of outsiders.

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