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Nepal is regarded as a better destination for making the adrenaline into rush, to get immense pleasure via travelling and to get the culturally and traditionally related historical information. There are lots exciting and challenging things to do in Nepal. The collection of various interesting things to do within a nation provides you with rewarding features. Nepal is the beautiful nation that holds with the exotic natural beauty and cultural aspects. The rich geographical features accompanied by the endangered species of flora and fauna is impressive to witness. The collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal is one of the major highlights. Tour in Nepal bestows with lots of varieties for travelling with the related purpose. This will be your choice to participate in the purposeful package and to get involved with the top things to do in Nepal.

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Nepal is the land of numbers of highest mountains. Consisting of 8 highest peaks of the world within the territory, it is challenging and awe inspiring things to do in Nepal. Surprisingly, peak climbing and mountaineering in Nepal are the enjoyable and adventurous activities that let you experience the best moments of the life. The world highest peak – Mt. Everest sparks with its remarkable beauty along with other glorious and majestic Himalayas. The peak climbing or mountaineering in Nepal helps you to make the beautiful memorable moments. Every year, numbers of people from around the world travel Nepal with an intension to summit the peaks. Under the proper guidelines of Massif Holidays, many of them had succeed make the reverie comes true. The properly instructed required equipment, accompanied by Sherpa Guide and other essential information makes mountaineering in Nepal thrilling and interesting.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours is one of the captivating things to do in Nepal. The presence of different cultural aspects of Nepal is wonderful and note-worthy. The amazing architecture and historical importance of the culturally filled places or sites are fascinating to witness and observe. Being the land of birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, Nepal holds with other treasurer cultural features that guides you to make the wonderful moments during your travel in Nepal. Along with this, there is the closed collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites within Kathmandu Valley that marks with the dazzling cultural aspects. This will be your interesting time observing the preserved cultural sites of Nepal.

Family Tours

The immense pleasurable spots in Nepal followed by the pristine beauty of the nature express with remarkable and charming holdings. Travelling in Nepal with family will be interesting and itself be wonderful moments to spend the family vacation closed to the nature. There are different features that let you to make the family trip wonderful. Along with children, you can make your leisure time special and informative.

Adventurous Activities

There are numbers of adventurous activities that can be done in Nepal. The amazing geographical features and landscape allows with different captivating adventurous activities. Rafting, Kayaking, Bungee Jump, Paragliding, etc. are the adventurous activities that put your adrenaline at rush. This will be the different taste of adventurous activities during your travel in Nepal. Participating in adventurous activities is one of the interesting things to do in Nepal.


Trekking is one of the adored purpose of many travelers entering to Nepal. Every year numbers of travelers involve in trekking to experience the thrilling and interesting moments for the lifetime. There are various trekking packages that serves with the best for beginners and also for challengers. This is one of the astounding things to do in Nepal that also let you experience the cultural and traditional lifestyle of the local people. Among different trekking packages of Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek are the mostly adored trekking packages that bestow with the rich and unique features. Witness the wilderness beauty of the Himalaya Region of Nepal participating in trekking.


Nepal is the rewarding destination for hiking that serves in various places and regions of the nation. This is one of the interesting and pleasurable things to do in Nepal. The places serving with different features like cultural aspects, natural fillings, traditionally touched up sites and historically preserved architectural sites. Hiking in Nepal allows you to witness the astounding features that guides you to make the unforgettable moments for the lifetime. Along with this, some places are suitable for family hiking where children can also hike.

Wildlife Tours

In Nepal, there are numbers of protected areas and among these, two of the protected areas are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sagarmatha National Park and Chitwan National Park. The wildlife tours within the preserved areas bestow with the opulent features of nature consisting rare species of flora and fauna. Though there are different areas in Nepal that serves with Wildlife Tours but among them, Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park are mostly adored by the numbers of outsiders. One – Horned Rhinoceros and Bengal Tiger are the main attraction of wildlife tours.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours in Nepal is the luxurious way to witness the gigantic Himalayas of Nepal. Those travelers who are willing to travel in their short timeframe, then this luxurious way of observing the mountains creates the unforgettable moments for the lifetime. Helicopter Tours in Nepal is one of the things to do in Nepal as it provides with an opportunity to get the mesmerizing aerial view of the rewarding Himalayan range. This will be the fascinating way to travel and make the journey completed within a day in luxurious way.

Ceremonial Tours

Guided by the expert team of Massif Holidays, this will be astounding to enjoy your beautiful moments of life in the Himalayan range of Nepal. Mostly preferred, Everest Base Camp for the ceremonial activities like Wedding, Birthday Celebration, and Honey Moon in the lap of the world highest peak – Mt. Everest. This will be the unforgettable gift for your soul mate and for oneself for the lifetime. Along with Everest Base Camp there are other Himalayan spot that is suitable and glorious for making the long life memorable moments. This is one of the interesting and surprising things to do in Nepal.

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