Traveling to the new places, the season or weather condition of the travel destination plays a prime role whether to make the trip interesting or not. So it needs to determine which season is best to spend your holidays in a particular region or a beautiful country like Nepal before starting your Nepal backpacking. 

Best Trekking Seasons of Nepal

Nepal Weather 
The weather or climate condition in Nepal varies from places to places which be categorized in different four main seasons. The main seasons in Nepal are Spring (March to May), Summer (between June to August), Autumn (between September to November) & Winter (between December to February). 

Spring is one of the adorable season of Nepal (From March to May). The blossoms which added the dainty touch to the different villages and regions along with their charming color makes the places full of new wonderland. Those enchanting nature waits to make the burst with abundant growth again to come up with delightfulness.

Summer makes its way between June to August. The blossoms that wait for burst now shows with there enormous beauty to nature. The time when valleys covered with greenery, flowers blooming and covering the meadows like carpet, the pine and rhododendron forest glisten towards the sun, the mesmerizing green valleys or regions with great mountains makes summer one of the best season. 

Autumn strikes from September to November in Nepal. This season is the most crowded time for tourism in Nepal. The delightful golden glow on the landscape with the pristine beauty of the nature allowing you to witness the incredible majestic views of mountains with glowing natural features makes Autumn a perfect season for trekking and tour in Nepal. The ripen rice fields with golden brown and the different enchanting color of nature makes the countryside way charming.

Winter has its own uniqueness in the land of Himalayas – Nepal. Winter falls in between December to February. The days show off with bright sun where the evening and morning times becomes little chill but not so cold. The valleys and the majestic massif in the Himalayan regions get covered with the glowing snow. To witness the snow-covered great mountains and valleys makes you feel like in heaven because of the unique landscape of Nepal.

Best Time to Visit Nepal 

The best time to trek and tour in Nepal varies on the basis of trekking and tour destination. Some of the trekking and tour in Nepal can be done throughout the year except some high passes trekking and expeditions. 

The best time to Visit Nepal for trekking and tour is Autumn (September, October & November) & Spring (March, April & May). These are the perfect time of the year for the breathtaking views of King-Kong Himalayas, trekking around the world’s most dramatic landscape, the tour of different historical and cultural cities, bungee jumping into a bottomless Himalayan George, rafting down a roaring Nepali river, cycling, mountain biking, paragliding, and many other activities. Nepal and Tibet have some rain shadow area where the monsoon is lighter. These areas are trek worthy during the Summer season (June, July & August).

Nepal weather is so favorable and romantic that welcomes you to get linked up with the natural beauty of beautiful country Nepal.