First - Aid Checklist for Traveling and Trekking in Nepal 

We always wish for safe and healthy holidays but some unexpected medical situation may ruin your trip. So that we have tried to show up the minimum first-aid checklist for your easiness. This won’t cope with serious emergencies or injuries.  Most of the following items can be bought in Nepal at a reasonable cost.  Here are some medical checklist:-

Some items for injuries:-

  • Plasters/Band-Aids in large and small sizes.
  • Vaseline guards against friction blisters and chafing, and stops nostrils drying out in the cold. 
  • Gauze pads (or panty-liners), sterile dressing, Steri - Strips, surgical tapes swabs for wounds or large blisters
  • Elastic support bandage for knee strains and ankle sprains.
  • Antiseptic cream for scrapes, blisters and insect bites 
  • Tweezers, Scissors. 

Some items for illness:- 

  • Ibuprofen relief pain for swollen joints and strained muscles.
  • Throat Lozenges as a sore throat are common at high elevation.
  • Diarrhea tablets help to control it. Also, bring antibiotics for bacterial diarrhea. 
  • Diamox is useful for AMS
  • Allergy tables might be needed especially in spring. 

These are the first – aid checklist that helps to maintain a pace along with getting off with some of the minor health-related problems during trekking and tour in Nepal.