Foods, Drinks, and Accommodation are the major things that need to look after in every travel packages. These sorts of thing play a prime role traveling to the new places. All your foods and water are served when it is hygienically prepared on lodges or tented camps.

Foods, Drinks, and Accommodation in Nepal Trekking and Tour

The land of Himalayas calls for travel lovers, with the pristine beauty of nature the regions of Nepal serves with goods and hygiene foods and drinks with nice accommodation facilities. Our guides make sure that everything is okay before serving any food in tea houses which have simply trained but experienced cook. We always encourage to drink mineral water but boiled and purified water also doesn’t make any harm to your digestive system. 
While on tented camp trekking, our crew has a good combination of Guides, Sherpas, Cooks, Kitchen staffs and Porters. Guides and cooks are technical, practically and theoretically well trained whereas kitchen staffs and porters are also well experienced and aware of hygienic setup. We serve boiled and medically purified drinking water in tented camp trekking. Most of the foods are cooked in the kitchen of tea houses. They serve you with different varieties of delicious Nepali and continental dishes. 

The most popular Nepali food is daal Bhat(rice and lentils) with some mixed vegetable curry. Garlic soup is popular as it helps you with acclimatization. The best way is to go vegetarian in the mountains. You can find all common types of drinks like hot chocolates, coffee, tea, hot lemon with honey, ginger tea, soft drinks etc. you will have breakfast and dinner at the lodges where you will be staying and lunch somewhere on the way to your next destination. 

Guesthouses/Tea houses/Lodges provide twin sharing single and double rooms and occasionally a dormitory which is basically clean with a mattress and a quilt or blanket. Our company provides the sleeping bag if needed but we always recommend having your own sleeping equipment. You have to share the room with your group member or sometimes with the unknown traveler. The toilet is always outside the room with basic facilities.