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Jungle Safari in Nepal

Chitwan National Park

Nepal has great biodiversity and natural environments that one can get a heavenly experience; the tropical jungles of the Terai region have become the best. Nepal is rich country for lush green vegetation; tropical jungle of Tarai protects the best wildlife residence that can be rarely found in whole Asia. For those who wish to experience the natural environment at its best there is no better place to visit than Nepal. The southern belt of Nepal is known as the Terai. It is a low land covered with dense subtropical forest. The jungle safari activity includes canoeing, nature walks, bird watching, excursions, and visit to an ethnic Tharu village in the Jungle Safari Park.  A number of conservation areas, national parks, wildlife reserves, and hunting reserves have been established in Nepal. This area is covered in dense tropical jungles and is home to thousands of birds and animal species', including some of the world's most exotic and endangered species. There are 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in  Nepal. Royal Chitwan National Park (932 Sq. km.), Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (175 sq. km.) and Royal Bardiya National Park (968 sq. km.) are most famous and popular for the activity of Jungle Safari.

Chitwan National Park is the most popular destination for tourists wanting to have a good experience of the region's wildlife. It was declared a National Park in 1973. In 1984, UNESCO designated it as a Natural World Heritage Site. The park is spread over an area of 932 sq. kms and located in the lowlands of the kingdom. This national park provide habitat to different rare and endangered wild species which includes Royal Bengal Tiger, One horned Rhino, crocodile, four horned antelope and many others with 600 species of birds . The activities of included in Jungle Safari are going deep into the jungle riding in elephant back viewing wildlife, ride canoe on the rivers embedded in the park to see crocodile and water birds in their natural habitat, nature walk, bird watching, village tour and cultural show.

Bardia National Park is spread over 968 sq. km and located in the Western Nepal Terai. This park is the most undisturbed wilderness area in the Terai providing excellent habitats for most of the rare species of wildlife and birds such as rhinoceros, wild elephants, the Royal Bengal Tiger, swamp deer, black buck, Gharial crocodile and Gangetic dolphins. This great range of different natural habitats means that there is always plenty to explore and a great variety of species to encounter. It is believed that the largest male elephant in Asia is in this park. This is a land of endless potential for the wildlife enthusiast from great migratory herds of the wild Indian Elephant to an incredible abundance and variety of birdlife.The Park boasts more than 250 species of birds, including the rare Bengal florican, Sarus crane and many species of geese, ducks and parakeets. The activities include jungle safari on elephant back, walks, boat rides and Jeep drives.

Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is a smaller 305 sq km. and Located at the southwestern extreme of the Kingdom, its topography is primarily open grassland and sal forest. It also has a large lake and the Bahini River flows through the park.The park is home to tiger, leopard, and a good number of swamp deer (prime habitat, often sighted), otters, his’s-pid hare, blue bull (nilgai), leopard, hog deer and wild boar.The park also has over 300 species of birds and most of the tourists who make the trip here are keen bird watchers. Reptiles include gharial and mugger crocodiles, Indian python, cobras, kraits, rat snakes and monitor lizards.Activities include wildlife watching on elephant back and jungle walks. Most jungle safari consists of canoe rides on the Jungle Rivers, nature walks, birds watching excursions and quick tours around the villages to discover unique culture and traditions of the local village people.Our entire Jungle safari in Nepal package programme includes elephnand ride safari, canoe rides, nature walks, birds watching excursions and quick tours around the villages to discover the unique culture and traditions of the local village people. Cultural entertainment performed by locals is yet another highlight of your trip in Nepal.

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