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    Nepal: a must DO and a great experience, thanks to Massif Holidays

    My two-week trip to Nepal: An unforgettable experience, loads of fun, adventure, magnificence and beauty! I can sincerely say: A Must DO! And one of the most responsible parties for this: Massif Holidays! I visited Nepal end of September (2015), as part of a larger group of friends. We were 10 people in total, 3 of which were able to postpone our flight back and stayed a couple of days longer. We planned our trip with the help of Massif Holidays, as we contacted one of the co-founders of the Travel agency (Bijay) a few months prior to our flight. We had already booked our plane tickets and planned to visit the country independently (no guides, bookings, etc.), but we did want to get some local advice and maybe book some private transportation for our all-round trip. Bijay was truly helpful and was able to provide exactly what we wanted. In the process of negotiation, we decided to have things a bit more organized (i.e. book some hotels for the cities, have our trek permits issued by the agency, get a trek guide, reserve some river rafting and also a jungle safari). We did this in order to save time, since two weeks is not enough to get a full grasp of Nepal. Bijay and his partner (Dambar) were flexible enough to fulfill all our demands and as a result we managed to get exactly what we were looking for. Our trip included some sightseeing in Kathmandu, river rafting; the 4-day Ghorepni Poon Hill Trek, sightseeing and a free day in Pokhara; a visit to the Chitwan National Park (including great fun activities in the park), and a free day back in Kathmandu. The Massif Holiday team guided us personally around the cities (Bijay) and during the Trek (Dambar) and fulfilled any requests we had along the way. At the same time they gave us enough personal space so that we never really felt as part of those “organized tourist group”. With their excellent knowledge of their country, very-good prices, almost fluent English and wonderful attitude towards us, I can recommend the team’s services without doubt, instantly, to any friend. What’s more, these guys actually became friends of mine along the way.