Tour in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best destinations for sightseeing and tours with the vast diversity of people, rich culture & art as well as distinctive architecture renders its ideal as the most amazing & interesting destination for tour and sightseeing. Being a country rich in bio-diversity, endangered wildlife, unique landscapes, and stunning mountains, Nepal greets for travel lovers.

Why Tours in Nepal? 

Nepal, with its long history, fascinating art, and distinctive culture. Nepal is a well-known fame in the world being the birthplace of Lord Buddha- (Light of Asia) the symbol of peace and the Land of great Himalayas. Traveling in Nepal offers with the panoramic view of the mountain, a diversity of beautiful landscape, a land of terraced green hills, snow-capped Himalaya, charming peoples, ancient cities and clear history will make the visit most interesting and unforgettable.

Captivating Tours in Nepal 

Nepal has been one of the best sightseeing destinations among the outsiders. The various collection of culture, tradition, the lifestyle of local people, monuments and pristine beauty of nature make this nation surprisingly best travel destination in the world. The tours in Nepal offers a lot of features and travel packages to the different region of Nepal. The interesting tours packages like Panoramic tours, Cultural tours, Countryside tours,  Village tours, Mysterious tours , Pilgrimage Tours , Family Tours , Honeymoon Tours , Pilgrimage Tours , UNESCO heritage tours, Volunteer Tours, Kathmandu Pokhara tours, Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Pokhara tours and Kathmandu Bhaktapur and Patan tours etc. holds excellent contents within them. There are some standard tour packages that include all the rated services like hotels and resorts including daily breakfasts, private car, sightseeing guides, and heritage sites entrance fees, etc. This sort of tour includes sightseeing in UNESCO World Heritage sites of Nepal along with other attractive places. 

Traveling to Nepal covers all the major and popular places that hold cultural, historical and religious importance along with flora-fauna & natural scenery that to get experience with participating in tours of Nepal. 

Nepal Tour is regarded as easy and suitable for all categories of travelers because with the expert and well-experienced team of Massif Holidays cater with the finest facilities and services. The land of Nepal welcomes the different sorts of travelers to make their leisure time memorable.