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Travelers with Disabilities in Bhutan

Erik Weihenmayer and Thomas Whittaker are  the great inspiration for all travelers with disabilities. Erik became the first blind climber to summit Everest in 2001 and published a book called Touch the Top of the World and Thomas summited in 1998 with an artificial leg, at the age of 50. Both they crossed the challenges and did the successful sumit of Mt. Everest- the highest peak in the world. Be inspired to travel and explore the world though Bhutan is not much friendly with differently able people. A cultural tour in Bhutan is a challenge for a traveller with physical disabilities, but is possible with some planning.  Wheelchair facilities, ramps, lifts and even pavements are virtually nonexistent throughout Bhutan and getting around the crowed and the streets can be a bit challenging for travelers with disabilities.  Hotels and public buildings rarely have wheelchair access or lifts, and only the newest will have bathrooms designed to accommodate wheelchairs.But this shouldn’t be the cause to quite your desire to travel. Massif Holidays provide the customized itinerary for you with the maximum solution of these problems if you are interested to visit Bhutan. 

Actually nobody is disable in the world. All the people are differently able just they need to get the chance to proof themselves. If you are differently able and looking for visiting Bhutan, Feel free to get in touch with us. We do provide the proper solution to you. 

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