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Volunteer Tours in Nepal are one of the great opportunities to those who are interested to involve in volunteer works while travelling. One can gain unique experience from Nepal in the field of socioeconomic development, cultural differences, landscape, rural lifestyle and  in particular, community development. Volunteer tours in Nepal offered by Massif Holidays are the  real way to explore one of the most colorful and vibrant tourist destinations in the world because of the rich culture and tradition of its diverse ethnic groups, its centuries old monuments and shrines and its amazing natural landscape by combining your holidays with some community work which proves your social responsibility of travelling. Our volunteer tour packages are a unique and rewarding opportunity to fulfill your social responsibility of travel.

Helping poor villagers in Nepal is one of the different and lifetime experience. Your volunteering services give an important contribution to the backward people of Nepal. Along with this work it gives you chance to close up with Nepali culture, religion, custom, local areas and makes you familiar with the local culture and hospitality of the people. The culture of Nepalese people is very different from culture anywhere else found in the world as it is friendly, unique and rich in art and philosophy. This helps to a very wealthy learning experience. Volunteer travelers will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of philanthropic works that relate to education and community aid programs.

We invite you to join our volunteer tour programs in schools, rural and urban areas, health clinic,   monastery and many other organizations. The volunteer tour package provides volunteers with an opportunity to share about the people and development in their country with the rural and socially and economically marginalized people in Nepal. We aim to support the work of local community through the placement of local and international volunteers and offer a wide variety of volunteer programs in our working area. We provide unique opportunities for safe and memorable volunteering and travel experiences in Nepal combined with enriching and rewarding voluntary work. Our volunteer programs give opportunities to have in-country travel and have the real feel of a new culture while living with local families in the remote areas of Nepal.

The real happiness of life can be achieved while working with smiling Nepali people even under the critical development infrastructure and poor economic, educational and health condition. Massif holidays operates different volunteer tours like orphanage work, Medical volunteering, Teaching English in Nepal, Monastery Volunteer, Nepal rebuilt volunteer.  We work with different organizations and network related to women, children, person with disabilities, indigenous peoples, gender/sexual and religious minorities and victims of conflict. Our volunteer tour packages accomplish with different holiday activities in Nepal such as trekking, wildlife tour, different cultural and religious tour, sightseeing, short hiking, rafting, mountain biking and so on. Please feel free to contact us for any suitable volunteer trip in Nepal.

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