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Water Adventures in Nepal

Trisuli River Rafting

The king-kong Himalayas of Nepal are not only popular for expedition and trekking but also the major source of water flows in Nepal. The popularity of Nepal is well known because of numerous water adventure activities. Nepal is one of the most popular destinations for water adventure activities like white water rafting and Kayaking on the earth. Nepal is a river runner’s paradise, no other country has such a choice of multi-day trips away from roads, in such magnificent mountain surroundings, with warm rivers, a semi-tropical climate, impressive geography, exotic cultures, wildlife and friendly welcoming people. It has various rivers to raft which is completely suitable for beginners to well experienced rafters. Camping on the huge white sandy riverbanks in a sub-tropical is always fun and adventurous. Nepal is just an outstanding holiday destination for the average recreational river runners. White water rafting and kayaking is very popular holiday activities in Nepal because of the high current White River. Some of the popular rivers for rafting in Nepal are Trisuli, Marsyangdi, Kali Gandaki, Seti, Bhote Koshi, and Tamor. On these rivers you will find the world's most thrilling whitewater with a wide range of difficulties, warm water and bug free beaches for camping. We have many kinds of rafting trips from short to long and the important thing is to choose the right trips for you. You are always suggested to pick up for the best time and suitable river grade for ultimate fun of white water rafting in Nepal. Massif Holidays offer the trips to explore the river with raft carrying all your gears, food and camp near your selected location. Rafting holiday in Nepal can be arranged as per your interest as well.

Best Season for Water Adventures like White Water Rafting & Kayaking in Nepal.

The best time for rafting and kayaking are September to early December and March to early June. From early September to early October and May to June, the rivers are extremely high with monsoon runoff. Only very experienced persons with intimate knowledge of the river with a strong support team are recommended for this time of the year. From mid October onward is one of the most popular time to raft and kayak with fine weather and exciting runs. December is suitable for shorter trips though it is too cold to enjoy. March to early June has long hot days with lower water flows in the rivers. These rivers rise again in May with the pre-monsoon storm and some snow melt. Monsoon rain arrives in June to August and makes rivers insanely difficult with high water flows.

Required Rafting Equipments:-

Massif holidays supplies all required rafting equipments when you book a organized rafting or kayaking trip with us. But you will need to manage the items of personal belongings like light clothing, swimsuit, towel, sunhat, sunscreen and sandals from your own side.

River Grading Based on International Classification System.

Here is the list of river classification based on international system that will help you to select the appropriate river for your white water rafting trip in Nepal.

Class 01:- Rivers with moving water and occasional small rapids are categorized as an easy grade. It might have a few obstacles or not.

Class 02:- Rivers with small rapids and regular waves are categorized as moderate grade. These rivers require some menoeuvring but easy to navigate.

Class 03:- Rivers with rapids, irregular waves and hazards that need avoiding are categorized as difficult grade. More difficult manoeuvring required but routes are normally obvious. Scouting from the shore is occasionally necessary.

Class 04:- Rivers with large rapids and dangerous hazards that need careful manoeuvring are categorized as very difficult grade. Scouting from the shore is often  necessary and rescue is usually difficult. Kayakers should be able to roll. Turbulent water and large irregular waves may flip rafts. In the event of a mishap, there is significant risk of loss, damage or injury.

Class 05:- Rivers with long and very violent rapids and severe hazards are categorized as extremely difficult grade. Continuous, powerful, confused water makes route-finding difficult and scouting from the shore is essential. Precise manoeuvring is critical and fo kayakers rolling ability needs to be 100 percent. Rescue is very difficult or impossible and in the event of mishap there is significant hazard to life. 

Class 06:- Some rivers are categorized as nearly impossible. These can be run by a team of experts at the right water level, right conditions and full safety precautions.

Classification of Nepali Rivers:-

  Trisuli   3+   Big    330M/170M
  Upper Kali Gandaki    4-   Med    750M/500M
  Seti   3-   Small    345M/190M
  Upper Seti   3+   Small    1050M/980M
  Bhote Koshi   4+   Med    1020M/760M
  Upper Sun Koshi   3   Med    730M/650M
  Marsyangdi   4+   Med    850M/370M
  Sun Koshi   4-   Huge    625M/105M
  Karnali   4   Huge    560M/195M
  Tamor   4   Med    635M/105M
  Bheri   3+   Med    770M/195M
  Lower Kali Gandaki   2   Med    370M/170M


Please feel free to contact us or email us if you are looking for any water adventure sports or activities. We arrange the customized trip, fixed departure trips, joining trips and private trips that meet your requirements. 


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