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Wildlife Tours in Nepal

Elephant Bath at Rapti River

Wildlife tour is one of Nepal’s star attractions. Nepal is the country with a unique and rich Hindu and Buddhist calture, spectular mountain view with diverse and rich range of wildlife on the planet.The best wildlife tour in Nepal require about a week holidays that can be combined with the white water rafting in the soaring rivers or trekking in the world popular and iconic trekking trails.The forest in Nepal is extended from low land of terai to the alpine vegetation of the Himalayas.The divers flora and fauna is the major attraction of wildlife tours in Nepal. Nepal is the inhabitat for 860 spesies of birds(8.5%),181 species of mamels (4.2%),185 species of fishes (2.2%) and 43 species of amphibians (1.1%). Besides that 1624 species of wild, domesticated and naturalized plant species are found in Nepal. Wildlife tours in Nepal offer the view of various animals life one horned rhino, Royal bangle tiger, Snow leopard, Clouded leopard, Red panda, Blue ship, long snouted fish eating Gharial, Wild elephant, Buffaloes, Bisons, Blue bell, Brown bear, Leopard, Crocodiles, Varieties of Cat, Dog, Deer, antelope and 840 different species of wetland, migrated and residential birds. Nepal wildlife tours is also popular for those who wish to study an endangere species of animals. Some endangere species of fauna in Nepal are Tiger, Rhino, Snow leopard, Clouded leopard, Red pand, Brown beer, Asamese macague, gangetic dolphin, Wolf, Wild Elephant,Gaint Horn Bill, Swamp, Deer, Wild Yak, Nayan, Tibetan Antilpe, Black Buck, Four horned antelope, Musk deer, Pigmy hog, Haspd hare, Pangolin,Gharial, Indian bustard, Saras crane,Impean pheasant and Python.

Wildlife tour in Nepal is well known for the activites like jungle safari on elephant back, jungle walk, Canoe ride, Jeep drive, experience of the local calture, bird watching and visit of elephant and crocodile breeding centre. Some national park are popular for trekking, mounteering and short hiking. The most demanding trekking trail in the world –Everest trekking trails passes via Sagarmatha National Park is also part of wildlife tours in Nepal if you are interested in trekking and hiking.

Nepal has ten National Parks,6 Consevation Area, 3 Wildlife Reserves and 1 Hunting Reserve. It covers the area of 28,160 sq.Km.which is 19.13% of total land area of the country. It varies from low land of terai to the high Himalayas of Nepal. Wildlife tours covers wide variety of touring option in Nepal. Massif holidays organize the tailored made holiday or customize trip for the best wildlife experience in south Asia. Please select our wildlife holidays package from below and feel free to write us for any customized wildlife tour in Nepal to address your specific requirements.

Wildlife Tours in Nepal Packages

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