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Nepal is the beautiful nation holding the unique landscape and biodiversity that which gets favorable for the various sorts of adventurous activities. There are numbers of outdoor activities that gets trilling and interesting inputs. Different regions delivering with the varied activities are the real treasure of Nepal. From the lowland Terai to the high Himalayas the breath taking adventurous activities gets exist with their own features. The dense forest, fast flowing rivers, vantage points, deep gorges, off road tracks, amazing cliffs, unique landscape, towering mountains, beautiful lakes and many more nature wonders make Nepal a perfect adventurous hub around the globe.

White River Rafting

Nepal has been the popular destination in the world for white water rafting. The remarkable river journey within a warm water, and subtropical climate makes rafting to exciting and thrilling with the adrenaline rush in the fast flowing river. The white sandy beaches are the appealing features of white water rafting which will be the ideal for the camping. The numbers of visitors and the local people get to participate in rafting every year within a murky water, to experience the twist and turns in fast flowing river and to observe the wilderness beauty of the nature.

Jungle Safari

Nepal offers with finest areas with a wide range of endangered species of flora and fauna so these spectacular land welcome for Jungle Safari. There are various protected lands, national parks, wildlife reserves, and hunting reserves that have been established in Nepal which holds the incredible contents that will be worth of exploring and can get a heavenly experience. The jungle safari in Nepal is really an adventurous activity that lets one to observe the uncovered features of rich and rare flora and fauna. The most famous and popular area for Jungle Safari are Chitwan National Park (932 Sq. Km.), Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (175 sq. Km.) and Bardiya National Park (968 sq. Km.). 


Kayaking has been dominantly skyrocketing adventurous activities in Nepal. The numbers of kayakers are emerging and entering Nepal in these few years. Kayaking is being successful to lure many outsiders. There are various rivers that are regarded as the perfect destination for Kayaking like Tamba Kosi, Mardi Khola, Thuli Bheri, Bhurungdi Khola, Balephi Khola, Karnali, etc. This will be the greatest experience of lifetime participating in Nepal Kayaking.

Bungee Jump

Nepal has become the ultimate destination for the trilling jump – Bungee Jump. Bhote Koshi River is prominently delivering the perfect spot for a bungee jump. The suspension bridge over the wild Bhote Koshi offers with the jump of 160m which is regarded as the highest bungee jump spot of Nepal. Similarly, Pokhara Bungee Jump is popular and world highest water touch bungee with the height of 80m. Likewise. there are several other spots in Nepal for one of the adventurous outdoor sports, Bungee Jump.


A new adventure sport in Nepal, Paragliding, is the popular, easiest and safest outdoor activities that takes to the sky for aerial view of the rich geographical features. Paragliding in Nepal offers with the stunning views of the great mountain range and other natural wonders. In these days, various places are offering with paragliding spots which is successful to lure numbers of outsiders. Regardless, Pokhara Paragliding is mostly adored paragliding spots within Nepal.


Zipline or Zipflyer in Nepal is introduced to add the extra taste in the adventurous activities. For the ultimate experience, Zip-Line in Nepal being a fastest and longest zip-line in the world comes to push one’s adrenaline at the next level. Sarangkot is the amazing place form where the breathtaking zipline begins with the speed of 140 km/hr. 


Skydiving in Nepal is the ultimate adventure that allows to experience the world class trill and breath taking moments of lifetime. The aerial jump from the skyline above the pristine beauty of the nature or great Himalayas provides with the amazing view of the charming natural beauty. Nepal Skydiving let one’s to dive from the sky towards the world re-known Khumbu Regions and other various popular places.

Motorbike Tour

The unique landscape of Nepal and the off road trails are being an interesting feature for a motorbike tour. The Nepal Motorbike Tour is highly participated by the visitors in a sense to observe the nature by own self. Hiring a motorbike and accelerating towards the beautiful and charming places creates a fabulous moment for a lifetime. From the lowland Terai Region to the high Himalayan Region of Nepal welcomes the motorbike lovers to witness the incredible beauty of nature.


Numbers of mesmerizing lakes in Nepal are calling for the interesting boating. The beautiful lakes situating in different places of Nepal holds their own uniqueness. The lake surrounded by forested hills with Tal Barahi temple in the middle makes Phewa Lake a good spot for boating. On the other hand, the queen of the lakes of Nepal – Rara Lake with its stunning beauty is one of the interesting place for boating. Likewise, there are various other lakes in Nepal that are worth for boating. Participating in Nepal Boating creates the astounding moments for the lifetime.


The interesting and thrilling landscapes of Nepal offering with several hiking spots are remarkable and breathtaking to participate. There are various regions in Nepal that holds with various beguile and tranquil natural beauty. Involving in Nepal Hiking allows to touch and witness natural wonders with the wide range view. The mesmerizing scenic view that can be observed during Hiking in Nepal holds the different and excellent features around the world. The cultural and traditional hike, natural hike, adventurous hike and many more distinct hikes in Nepal welcomes the holiday makers to spend some of the beautiful moments within the lap of the pristine charming nature.

Mountain Biking

The diverse terrain of Nepal suites for a mountain biking. Biking in Nepal can be done entirely in the various regions. The exotic and naturally filled trails of Nepal offers with the best chance to get linked with the traditional and cultural values along with the astounding prettiness of nature. Annapurna and Kanchanjunga regions bestow with the interesting trails for mountain biking. Along with the mountain biking, as per one’s interest, can enroll in the city or valley tour with bicycle ride. 


Nepal is the best destination around the world for trekking. Differing with the trek style and grade, from easy to very strenuous, Nepal trekking has input the trilling and breathtaking features within the Himalayas. Every year number of trekkers enter Nepal to experience the lifetime moments and have the remarkable time within the Himalayan Regions. Trekking in Nepal is as much a cultural and traditional experience as a Himalayan exploration. There are various trekking regions in Nepal that provides with the different trekking packages. 


The presence of eight highest peaks in the world, including Mt. Everest, makes Nepal a surprising destination for an outstanding experience of mountaineering. The peaks in Nepal are interesting to witness, but rather than this stepping forward for climbing the peaks makes are more thrilling and breathtaking activity for the lifetime. There are different peaks that are opened for peak climbing and also for expedition purpose there are several mountains that calls for adventure lovers. 

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