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Thamel is one of the attractive and lively place in Kathmandu. Being a reknown market, Thamel provides with all the facilities and services for travelers. You can witness the cultural and traditionally values of Nepalese people walking around the streets of Thamel. There are different interesting things to do in Thamel. You can make your holiday in Nepal more fascinating and memorable, experiencing various interesting things within a market, Thamel. 

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Thamel is the mostly adored place within Kathmandu valley by the outsiders that holds with the interesting features and things to enjoy during the visit. The foreigners usually prefer to stay within the lively environment of Thamel. But, in some cases there are other peace seekers travelers who want to stay in a tranquil and culturally rich places in Kathmandu. What types you prefer to be?

Thamel, one of the liveliest place of Kathmandu. In Thamel, there are varieties of features related to market, enjoyment and many more. Many foreigners enter in this bustling market to experience the different cultural and market aspects of Nepal. Within the narrow street of Thamel, it serves with the quality and nice services and products, traditional and local too. Being a commercial area, Thamel delivers different sorts of facilities and services to the people. Among which mostly focused for the foreigners.

Surprisingly, Thamel is the hottest and lively spot for the tourism sector. The particular place holds different interesting things to do within a courtyard of the single place, Thamel.

Shopping in Thamel

The captivating narrow alleys of Thamel have got various vendors and shops that serves with the better product and services. Thamel is one of the adorable shopping area for the outsiders. The presence of cultural and traditional goods make this place a shopping hub. You can find the souvenir of your travel, tour and trek in Nepal at Thamel.

Bar and Clubs in Thamel

Thamel is a light spot arena for many artists. So the trend of nice bar and popular cluds are whistle in and around Thamel. This will be the relaxing option. The serving of world popular drinks with a lively music and tasty foods is always an awesome things to go on with in a particular place. This is one of the interesting things to do in Thamel.

Pastries and Coffee at Thamel

Walking along with the narrow streets, you can find the good place with comfy environment at bakery and coffee shops in Thamel. In Thamel, there are numbers of international franchise of coffee and bakery shop. To be refresh, you can go through with the aromatic blended coffee in Thamel and also taste some delicious bakery items or local sweets.

Back-Packing Zone Thamel

Thamel is a hub of travel agency, from small to large company, and around the place you can find out the shops that sells with the tour and trek related products. For backpackers, it is the perfect zone to be fully equipped. This will be one of the interesting things to do in Thamel. With the proper guidelines of the Massif Holidays, shopping of the required equipment at Thamel for the trip in Nepal will be interesting.

Evening Street Walk at Thamel

One of the fascinating and interesting thing to do in Thamel is to walk along with the narrow street at the evening time. The lights and lively environment is the main ornament of Thamel. During your walk around Thamel, you can witness the various arts and crafts of the local people and you can also observe the small temples, shrines, or stupas. Nearby Thamel, at the entrance point, the popular Garden of Dreams is located where you can enjoy your beautiful moments in green and historical environment.

Along with these, some of the interesting things to do in Thamel, there are other things that can serve for your relaxation like spa, body massage center. The time you spend in Thamel will be your unforgettable moments in Nepal. Your sightseeing around Thamel will be astounding. Under your request, Massif Holidays can manage your accommodation facility within Thamel during your visit to Nepal.

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