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National Parks of Nepal

The protected lands of Nepal hold rich biodiversity along with the rare species of flora and fauna. The National Parks of Nepal have got the prominent factors to lure numbers of outsiders. Interestingly, a myriad lands of Nepal is mostly covered by protected areas. Nepal has been an excellent paradise for witnessing the endangered species of flora and fauna. Every year, a huge number of people entered into Nepal for observing the preserved treasures. The land of the Himalayas and the Birthplace of Gautam Buddha is also the nation full of unique biodiversity. Along with this, the features that three regions (Terai, Hilly and Himalayan) holds with each other have varied climate, vegetation, and species of animals, birds, etc. National Parks of Nepal preserved the number of rare species that gets unique from one to another national park. Among 12 National parks in Nepal, some of the national parks are successful to garb the exploration interest of outsiders. Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) National Park, Langtang National Park, Shey Phoksundo National Park and Bardia National Park are the popular national parks of Nepal.

Chitwan National Park

This park is popular as the astounding features that it expresses within the mass of people is fascinating to observe. This park covers an area of about 932 sq.km. Chitwan National Park is the UNESCO World Heritage Site bestows with the amazing wildlife including one-horned Rhino, Bengal Tiger, and other various numbers of birds and animals. It will be an interesting time roaming around Tharu society and entering to Elephant Breeding Centre. The activities that are legalized in this park includes jungle safari on elephant back, jungle walk, jeep drive and canoe ride.

Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) National Park

In 1979, Sagarmatha National Park is declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO that covers an area of 443 sq.km. This park has been gaining its popularity around the globe because of the unique wildlife features at the high altitude along with this the gigantic mountain side to this fascinating national parks. Birdlife International also has been identified this area as Important Bird Area and also has been included in the Sacred Himalayan Landscape. The several kind of vegetation can be observed here, which of among them includes Blue pine and hemlock forest and in between the national flower of Nepal – RHODODENDRAN scrubs.

Langtang National Park

Langtang National Park is the amazing and interesting protected area within the heart of the Himalayan range of Nepal. The high altitude vegetation and rare species of flora and fauna makes this national park astounding. This national park also gets in touch with Tibet national park - Qomolangma National Nature Preserve that makes it more unique and treasurer. There are various major attractions located in Langtang National Park like Gosaikunda Lake, DORJE LAKPA range and Langtang Lirung.

Bardia National Park 

Bardia National Park is the largest national park, which is situated in low land Terai of Nepal covering an area of 968 sq. km. The distributed geographical factors of this park are the collection of savannah forests and grassland, the thick cover of Sal which is the habitat for the wild animal. The activities that are being operated within this park are Jungle Safari on elephant-back, Jungle Walk, Rafting, Tiger Tracking and Jeep Drive.

Shey Phoksundo National Park

Shey Phoksundo National Park is the largest national park located in the Himalayan region of Nepal. This national park covers an area of 3555 km2 that holds the rare species of flora and fauna. The prominent feature of Shey Phoksundo National Park is the mesmerizing Shey Phoksundo Lake. The spectacular scenic view of massifs and interesting landscape can be experienced only through this national park. Shey Phoksundo National Park is the only national park that has been protecting the rare species of snow Cheetah. 

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