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Nepal is one of the popular travel destinations of the world that holds with the best places to spend pleasurable moments within the pristine beauty of the nature. The nation is rich in its traditional and cultural aspects followed by the amazing architectures. Observing these all fascinating features of different best places of Nepal makes your tour full of unforgettable moments. Surprisingly, Nepal holds the unique and opulent geographical features that pop ups with the interesting and rewarding existence. Nepal is a home of various rare species of flora and fauna that makes the nation a perfect travel destination.

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There are many places to visit in Nepal that offers with the different and unique features from one another. Travelling to Nepal will be knowledgeable, thrilling and pleasurable. Varied with the different topographies, the places of Nepal, as per region, offers with fascinating adventurous activities along with the existence of diverse ethnic groups.

As per the rewarding location holding with the fabulous cultural, traditional, and natural features, here are 10 best places to visit in Nepal. Spending the leisure time within these, Nepal Best Places, helps you to experience the beautiful and unforgettable travel journey of the lifetime.

  • Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp is the ultimate destination of many travel. Trekking to the base of the world highest peak, Mt. Everest delivers with the thrilling and breath taking views of great snowcapped mountains. Everest Base Camp Trek helps you to create the fabulous moments within the Himalayan region of Nepal with observing the existence of unique cultural and natural features. EBC is one of the best places to visit in Nepal, as to travel this remarkable place you can participate in luxurious Helicopter Tour to EBC or via the trekking route.

  • Annapurna Base Camp

The glorious and mostly adored place of Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp is the popular and best places to visit in Nepal. Passing through the dazzling villages, and charming nature, the trekking route of Annapurna Region takes to the fabulous place, ABC. Annapurna Base Camp Trek will be something more new experience in your traveling choice. Along with this, Helicopter Tour to ABC let you to observe the aerial view of the nature.

  • Upper Mustang

Thrilling and captivating features of Upper Mustang makes Upper Mustang as one of the popular and ideal destination for numbers of outsiders around the world. This is the most iconic and best place to visit in Nepal because of its unique landscape and historical background. Upper Mustang Trek bestows with the incredible cultural and traditional aspects of local people, the main highlights – The Forbidden Kingdom Lo Manthang, and the fascinating presence of rewarding landscape. If you want to find something luxurious way to explore Upper Mustang than Helicopter Tour to Upper Mustang will be the best option.

  • Manaslu

This will be one of the best place to visit in Nepal, Manaslu followed with Mt. Manaslu-eighth highest peak of the world. Manaslu Trekking is regarded as one of the favorite and adored trekking routes for the numbers of trekkers. One of the off beaten trekking routes of Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek welcomes you to experience the breathtaking and thrilling moments. Nepal places to visit enlist this gorgeous place because of its incredible features.

  • Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal is one of the mesmerizing mountain within the Annapurna Region. Mardi Himal Trek is the classic short trek that collaborates all the unique existence of culture and mesmerizing natural views. This is regarded as one of the best places of Nepal because the pristine beauty of the nature following all the way to the beautiful Mardi Himal makes the tour or trek in Nepal most captivating and classic within a short timeframe.

  • Poon Hill

The rewarding vantage point of Nepal, Poon Hill delivers with the excellent panoramic views of the glorious Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range. Traveling to Poon Hill, one of the best places of Nepal, will be something new taste on traveling. This creates the fabulous moments for your short and pleasurable vacation at the time of Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. Trekking in Nepal and choosing the better option to witness the charming fillings of nature with culture and tradition aspects of the local people than Poon Hill Trek or Tour will be your best holiday destination.

  • Rara

Nepal largest lake, Rara Lake is regarded as the queen of lakes. One of the best places of Nepal situating at the altitude of 3040 m/ 9974 ft holds the beautiful features. Rara Lake reflects the mesmerizing view of the great snow capped mountains that will be heart touching experience for you. A unique path following all the way to Rara Lake let you to witness and observe the culture and traditional aspects of the local people and aslo get chance to encounter with the rare species of flora and fauna.

  • Pokhara

An adventurous activities hub, a mostly adored place of Nepal, Pokhara is the beautiful place of Nepal that consists of incredible natural views, interesting natural wonders and lively environment. Nepal best places to visit enlist this charming place because traveling in Nepal will not be fabulous or interesting without visiting Pokhara. Pokhara let you to experience the rewarding views of the nature, along with this rolling up with the breath taking and thrilling activities makes the leisure time full of pleasurable moments.

  • Lumbini

Lumbini is one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO that was enlisted in 1997. Lumbini is one of the revered pilgrimage sites for Buddhists which is the birthplace of Shakya Muni Buddha. The important and historically presence of various architecture, culture and tradition of Lumbini makes this sites as the best places to visit in Nepal during the Tour in Nepal/ Trekking in Nepal.

  • Chitwan National Park

The opulent beautification of the nature and wildlife of Chitwan National Park makes this protected area as one of the 10 best places to visit in Nepal. This park was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and is one of the attractive tourist destinations. Chitwan National Park holds the rare species of flora and fauna which are interesting to observe. The Jungle Safari, Jeep Safari or Elephant Safari within Chitwan National Park bestows with outstanding experience. The Tour to Chitwan National Park will be full of joy for you. This is because the Tour in Nepal delivers with the excellent features of cultural, traditional and natural aspects within a tour package.

Massif Holidays guides to make your holidays/vacation perfect in different beautiful and naturally filled places of Nepal. The collection of the best attracting places in Nepal is worth of experiencing the mild captivating moments of the lifetime. Follows by the dream and fulfilled by the pristine beauty of the nature will be your luxurious vacation. The list of top 10 best places of Nepal welcomes the travelers from around the world in the Nepal Tourism Year 2020. Visit Year 2020 will be focusing more for your memorable trips in Nepal with providing better services and facilities. This will also be the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal during Visit Year 2020.

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