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Chitwan National Park is one of the opulent places of Nepal. Listed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Chitwan National Park holds with the fasciating highlights regarding the cultural and natural aspects. This will be the memorable and interesting trip to to get connected with the top things to do in Chitwan National Park.

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Chitwan National Park is the richest natural and diversified area in Terai, includes the astounding features of flora and fauna. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal preserved the treasurer and endangered features of the nation. Chitwan National Park holds with amazing facts that guides you to make the holiday in Nepal remarkable for the lifetime. The cultural and traditional aspects of local community around Chitwan National Park is one of the major highlights. Tharu Community is the influencing holding of this national park. The cultural shows and museum of Tharu group is interesting to witness and observe.

Participating in the tour to Chitwan National Park, provides you with other surprising jungle activities that provides you with an opportunities to encounter with the rare species of flora and fauna. There are five interesting things to do in Chitwan National Park.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is the captivating things or activities that will make your trip more fascinating. Chitwan National Park bestows with the outstanding features and those features can be perfectly witness participating in Jeep Safari. This will be the great moments encountering with the rare species of flora and fauna and capturing pictures within your digital gadgets makes the trip more delightful.

Elephant Safari

One of the exciting activities for numbers of outsiders, Elephant Back Safari is the amazing way to explore the area of Chitwan National Park. The moments riding on the back of elephant will be astounding. This is one of the top 5 things to do in Chitwan National Park. You can witness the endangered species like one horned Rhinoceros, Barking Deer, Gharial and other species of flora and fauna.

Canoe Ride and Sunset View

Canoe Ride in Rapti River is also one of the 5 interesting things to do in Chitwan National Park. During your canoe ride in Rapti River, you have the opportunity to observe the various species of birds and amphibians. This provides with better chance to encounter with the species of animals coming at the bank of river for drinking water. The sunset view from the bank of Rapti River is rewarding and alluring. The moments during the tour in Chitwan National Park will be fabulous and a lifetime unforgettable journey.

Cultural Exploration

Chitwan National Park is rich in culture and tradition too. The local community holds traditional way of living and use their own dialect. Exploring the cultural richness of local community is one of the interesting things to do in Chitwan National Park. The cultural dance of Tharu community is mostly popular and most of the outsiders adore this unique and traditional cultural show.


The sightseeing around Sauraha will be new experience. Observing the traditional life style with the lively environment around Sauraha makes the tour to Chitwan National Park more captivating. The other more conserved sites like museum, breeding Centre, hatching Centre, etc. provides with astounding facts. This will be the perfect hike around Chitwan National Park.

The listed top 5 things to do in Chitwan National Park can be done by different age group. Chitwan National Park have got other different attracting features that can make your trip memorable for the lifetime. Traveling to Chitwan National Park and participating in these listed interesting things to do brings up with the noteworthy moments. Massif Holidays provide with the better service and guidelines to enjoy the vacation within the naturally rich place of Nepal, Chitwan National Park.

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